Most people don’t expect there to be defects with a newly-constructed home, but they are often found. This is why ordering your builder’s warranty inspection a month before it expires is vital. You don’t want to get stuck fixing a problem that your builder should have repaired for you.

Code Inspectors Don’t Check Everything

It’s true that a municipal inspector checked your new home for code compliance, but don’t assume that potential defects or mistakes were found in this quick inspection. It’s not the job of code inspectors to inspect your property in the same manner that a third-party home inspector would.

You Should Request a Builder’s Warranty Inspection Even Though You Trust Your Builder

You may have taken a long time to select a builder that you believe is credible and honest. However, your general contractor didn’t perform most of the manual labor on your home. Most builders subcontract work out to other contractors who are responsible for different systems and components in the home. Because of this, it is challenging to closely supervise every activity that goes on throughout the construction process.

How Much Can Go Wrong in a New Home?

We all expect any new items that we purchase to be in great shape with no issues since they’re brand new. Homes are simply different in this regard. Even if you have the most skilled workers building your home, mistakes can happen. Small defects may become more serious over time. A couple of loose shingles on your roof won’t cause problems immediately but they can turn into roof leaks if they’re not repaired.

Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection Even if Home Was Inspected Before Moving in

You should still schedule a builder’s warranty inspection even if the home had a new construction inspection before you moved in. Some problems won’t show up until you’ve been in the home for a while, which is why builders offer 12-month warranties. The first year of living in your home can bring light to problems that weren’t apparent before.

Order the builder’s warranty inspection a month before the warranty ends. If any issues are found, file a warranty claim so that your builder is responsible for the repairs..

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