If you find yourself working from home because of the pandemic or a new job, it’s important to make a space where you can focus on your work. Set up your home office so that you can work efficiently from your house.

Find a Quiet Location

Choose an area in your home where you feel like you’ll be most productive. You may need peace and quiet, away from the noise of the playroom and kitchen. Other people work better with background noise. Do you have an extra bedroom that can be converted into an office space? If not, consider taking over a corner of the living room or kitchen. Even a large unused closet can be converted by adding a desk, chair, and lighting.

Decide What You Need to Set Up Your Home Office

Depending on the type of work you do, you’ll need supplies for your new office, like a comfortable desk chair and sturdy desk to work from. Add a computer and office essentials like paper, pens, and a phone charger. As you set up the office space, plan areas for the tools you’ll need to do your job. Will you need a printer stand and paper? A bookcase is a great way to store materials and supplies in plain sight.

Add Good Lighting

Good lighting is important in any workspace. Poor lighting causes eye strain and a less productive work environment. Use natural lighting to brighten space whenever possible. Open curtains and blinds during your workday. Overhead lighting is harsh, so place lamps around the room to add bright, indirect lighting. You can help reduce fatigue and headaches by installing quality lighting in your workspace.

Set Up Your Office Space by Making a Schedule

To successfully work from home, let your family know what hours you will be busy. Adjusting to full-time in the house can be difficult for everyone involved. Write or print your office hours and hang them on your door. Your family can refer to the hours and know when you shouldn’t be bothered during the workday.

Keep Your Office Clean

To stay productive when you’re working from home, keep your office space clean and uncluttered. Take time at the end of each workday to clear off your desk space. If children or pets come visit you during the day, make sure you put all of their toys back where they belong. It’s easier to start each morning when your office space is tidy and ready to use.

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